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In 2016, a total of more than 10,000 mandatory standards received integration and streamlined assessments; and more than 100,000 recommended standards received concentrated review. In parallel, community standards developed rapidly. In 2016, power industry issued 483 standards with the approval of relevant authorities. Among them, there are 40 national standards, including 32 approved by the State Standardization Administration and 8 national standards approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development; there are also 398 industrial standards approved by the National Energy Administration. China Electricity Council (CEC) approved the release of 45 standards.


Further improvements have been made on hydropower standard system. 20 projects were approved, of which 5 were national standards, 13 were industry standards, and 2 were CEC standards. 43 standards were released, including 10 national standards, 31 industrial standards and 2 CEC standards. Re l e a s e o f i m p o r t a n t s t a n d a rd s i n t h e hydropower field is shown in Table 1.


Table 1 Release of Important Standards in the Hydropower Field


2.Thermal Power
The application of new technologies and new equipment is actively promoted. The focus of thermal power standardization is on energy saving and emission reduction, application of new materials and new technology and equipment of relevant fields. A total of 75 standards were approved to be formulated, and 97 standards were released. The fomulation and release of important standards in thermal power are shown in Table 2.


Table 2 Formulation and Release of Important Standards in Thermal Power



3.Nuclear Power (Nuclear Power Conventional Island and BOP)
The nuclear power standard system continues to optimize, featured with compatibility, applicability, usability, acuracy and authority. A total of 17 standards in nuclear power conventional island and BOP were approved to formulate, and 30 standards were released. The release of important standards in nuclear power is shown in Table 3.


Table 3 Release of Important Standards in Nuclear Power



4.New Energy
The shaping of wind power standard system is speeding up in construction. The rapid and large-scale development of wind power has called for an urgent need in technology management, equipment operation and maintenance, overhaul and other fields. In order to meet these needs and to be in line with offshore wind power construction and development, 30 standards were approved to formulate and 66 items in drafting in 2016. The release of important standards in wind power is shown in Table 4.


Table 4 Release of Important Standards in Wind Power

In the field of solar power, standard system construction of solar thermal power has started. Standard specification of solar photovoltaics in solar power continues to be built and improved. Meanwhile standard system construction of concentrating solar power has also started. This year 3 standards were approved to formulate and 10 standards were released. The release of important standards in solar power is shown in Table 5.


Table 5 Release of Important Standards in Solar Power



5. Power Grid
Standard system research is strengthened in fields of UHV, flexible DC transmission, maintenance and online monitoring of transmission and transformation equipment, electricity distribution and consumption. 192 standards are approved to formulate and 239 standards are released. Release of important standards in power grid is shown in Table 6.


Table 6 Release of Important Standards in Power Grid

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