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National Standard for "Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles" Released


Recently, the Standardization Administration of P.R.C issued four national standards, including GB / T 38775.1 " Electric vehicle wireless power transfer-Part 1: General Requirements", GB / T 38775.2 " Electric vehicle wireless power transfer Part 2: " Communication protocols between on-board Chargers and wireless power transfer device ", GB / T 38775.3 "Electric vehicle wireless power transfer Part 3: Specific Requirements", GB / T 38775.4 "Electric vehicle wireless power transfer Part 4: Limits and test methods of electromagnetic environment ".


At present, with the acceleration of the development of electric vehicles in China, the demand for charging infrastructure of electric vehicles is increasingly urgent. The wireless charging technology can realize the automatic charging of electric vehicles, which is the last step of the unmanned operation of the whole lifecycle of automatic driving of electric vehicles. Intangible "interfaces" such as electrical, communication, magnetic circuit, etc. on the vehicle side and the power supply side of wireless charging need to standardize relevant technical indicators through national standards. Therefore, CEC and China Automotive Technology and Research Center jointly organized the development of the standard system of wireless charging for electric vehicles.


There are 18 standards for wireless charging system for EV, 4 national standards are issued this time, and 4 national standards are in the process of preparation.


The four newly released national standards are important basic general standards in the wireless charging standard system of electric vehicles. General requirements and specific requirements specify the requirements of power transmission and system functions to be followed when designing and testing the wireless charging system for electric vehicles. The communication protocol regulates the specific process, parameters and data definition of wireless charging. Electromagnetic environment limits and test methods give electromagnetic environment exposure limits, and provide electromagnetic environment testing and evaluation methods for wireless charging systems.


The series standards of wireless charging system for electric vehicle fills in the blank of national standards and specifications in the field of electric vehicle wireless charging technology in China, and is a milestone to promote the development of electric vehicle wireless charging in China.

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