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The power industry fulfills its social responsibility and contributes to poverty alleviation


In recent years, the power industry has taken active actions, consciously fulfill social responsibilities and make contributions to poverty alleviation.


The upgrading and transformation of rural power grid has promoted rural electrification. By the end of 2015, China had realized electricity access to every household i. Since 2016, about 800 billion yuan has been invested in a new round of rural network upgrading, benefiting 25.42 million people.


Development and construction of power plants drive local economy and rural poverty alleviation. More than 1.37 million people have been relocated and resettled during the construction of the Three Gorges project, with  2 cities, 10 counties, 114 towns, and 830km of roads newly constructed. China Huadian Corporation ltd. has built a 9540 kw PV station on the plateau with an altitude of 4800 meters, keeping the promise of "bright and warm winter" to the poor in Nima county.


Photovoltaic poverty alleviation creates a model of targeted poverty alleviation. Photovoltaic poverty alleviation is listed as one of the top ten targeted poverty alleviation projects by the State Council. Through photovoltaic poverty alleviation, each household can obtain about 3000 yuan of income by photovoltaic power generation every year.


Improve the sustainable development capacity of poverty-stricken areas. Electric power enterprises donated funds to help students, improved the school running conditions of more than 300 schools, and subsidized more than 20,000 poor students.


Public welfare poverty alleviation reflects the social responsibility of electric power enterprises. According to incomplete statistics, since 2012, electric power enterprises have donated more than 7 billion yuan for poverty-stricken areas and social public welfare activities. During COVID-19, the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid jointly reduced the electricity bills of more than 60 billion yuan for users encountering difficulties due to epidemic prevention and control.

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