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CTG to use China Yangtze Power-designed robots for inspection and maintenance



China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) will commence the use of three types of robots designed by its subsidiary China Yangtze Power Co for inspection and maintenance work at its hydropower plants.


The robots, which can operate 24/7, improve safety and efficiency, and reduce costs for operation, showcased their unique features at CTG's Three Gorges Dam on November 11. They passed reviews and are ready to put into operations.


The underwater inspection and maintenance robot is comprised of a main unit and multiple layers of equipment. The robot can dive to a depth of 300 m and operate in various conditions both in and out of the dam. The robot has an advantage over human divers, which can only dive to a maximum level of 60 m underwater under the same conditions. Furthermore, it features multiple functions including the ability to shoot photos, scanning, salvaging, gauging, clearing up and cutting. The robot will serve as an effective solution to underwater inspection and operation in deeper and more complex underwater conditions. Most importantly, it ensures safety as the robots can replace divers in underwater operations while improving maintenance efficiency.


The concrete channel inspection robot can attach itself to the surface of the channel, identify and actively avoid obstacles, detect and locate defects on the concrete surface, and measure the size and depth of the defected parts.


The penstock inspection and maintenance robot system is comprised of the robot itself, the controlling system, the ground base station and the visual detection system. It is capable of 3D modeling and detection to pinpoint defective areas. It automatically detects damaged parts of the penstock via accurate measurement of the size and depth of the defects. It can also polish, weld, paint and restore the defective parts.

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