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Baihetan: concrete core sample sets world record



At the construction site of Baihetan Hydropower Station, the world's largest dam under construction, two concrete core samples with a diameter of 2.19-meters were separated from the dam body on April 1, and landed on the 834-meter elevation platform on the left bank of the dam via cable cranes.


The two long concrete core samples are from No. 20 and No. 15 dam sections respectively. No. 1 core sample is 25.7-meter long, setting a world record in length, and No. 2 is 20.3-meter long.



As the most important aspect of quality control for the dam construction, it is paramount to ensure that the concrete is poured tightly without cracks. The extracted core samples are tight in formation. The aggregate is even in distribution. The interlayer bonding is in good condition well, which can be tightly integrated with the dam foundation rock, reflecting the high-quality concrete pouring work at the construction site of Baihetan Hydropower Station.


To ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the dam, the dam project department has started to apply intelligent construction technologies since the commencement of concrete pouring. Meanwhile, the team has adopted a 24-hour duty system for the management personnel to guarantee the concrete work at superior quality.


Baihetan Hydropower Station is a 300-meter high-rise concrete double-curved arch dam with a maximum dam height of 289-meter and a total concrete pouring of about 8.1 million cubic meters, which is designed to withstand a total hydraulic thrust of 16.5 million tons.


Currently, a total of 3.66 million cubic meters of concrete in 778 silos has been poured, the highest dam section has risen to an elevation of 697-meter, with the maximum height hitting 152-meter, and average height increased by 145-meter.

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