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CTG looks for more exchanges on sustainable hydropower development



China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) will strengthen exchanges and partnerships on sustainable hydropower development globally, as Wang Lin, CTG's president met with Richard Taylor, Chief Executive of International Hydropower Association (IHA) in Beijing on February 19.


CTG and IHA are old partners and their cooperation has delivered tangible benefits to both sides, Wang said, referring to IHA as an important window and platform through which CTG learns about the latest development in the global hydropower industry and publicizes its achievements to the outside world.


CTG is fully committed to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and China's energy strategy and the company has listed the development of clean energy as its due responsibility and regarded it as its core competitive edge, Wang said during the meeting. 


CTG has also strictly followed an environment-friendly and green development practices in its full life-cycle management of hydropower projects and has played a crucial role in protecting the Yangtze River, according to Wang.


He said that IHA's mission of advancing sustainable hydropower is highly aligned with CTG's green development concept, therefore CTG will continue to support IHA in its work, including job of the Board of Directors and work-related to World Hydropower Congress, helping the organization to enhance its relations and partnerships with Chinese stakeholders to advance the hydropower industry.


CTG is a hydropower industry leader in China and IHA is willing to provide work assistance for its participation in the congress, Taylor said. IHA is also interested in holding talks with CTG to explore more the ways to advance the sustainable hydropower development in the future and provide expertise and support to countries in need of clean energy, the IHA head said, adding that he hopes the two sides would continue to maintain long-term and robust partnership in the future.

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