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Egypt's largest power transmission project begins operating


The Borosus-Samanoud and Samanoud-Banha transmission lines of Egypt's EETC 500 kV power transmission project being undertaken by POWERCHINA Hubei Engineering Co Ltd recently began transmitting electricity.


The two sections of the project consist of double circuit lines installed on a single tower with a four-split design. The total length of the lines is about 174 kilometers, accounting for one-third of all lines built in Egypt by the Hubei company.


The Borosus-Samanoud transmission project started construction on April 28, 2016 and was completed on Sept 17, 2017. About 94 kilometers of the line was built by the Hubei company.


The Samanoud-Banha transmission project began construction on Feb 11, 2017 and was completed on Nov 26, 2018. The Hubei company built all 80 kilometers of the line.


The two transmission lines are located in Egypt's northern delta. The lines primarily pass through farmland and orchards, making it extremely difficult to coordinate land acquisitions. It is also difficult to build across rivers, highways, ordinary roads, railways and existing high-voltage lines.


During the construction process, the project department overcame difficulties such as a slow design process, blocked land acquisitions, concrete shortages and poor material connections, and successfully began transmitting power on New Year's Day 2019.



The EETC 500 kV power transmission project in Egypt is the first project to be undertaken under China-Egypt energy production cooperation. It is also the largest power transmission project to ever be undertaken in the country, and has the highest voltage as well.


The project was contracted by China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co Ltd and undertaken by POWERCHINA Hubei Engineering Co Ltd.


The two new lines will further optimize the grid structure of the Nile Delta in Egypt and improve the safety of grid operations.


The lines are expected to have a far-reaching impact on the promotion of Egypt's economic development and the rational use of electricity and energy. They will also help improve the reputation of the Hubei company.

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