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Chen Yunpeng Attends the Third CSG-KPX-TEPCO Summit


Mr. Chen Yunpeng, Vice President, China Southern Power Grid, led a delegation to Japan to attend the recent Third CSG-KPX-TEPCO Power System Operator Summit.


In Year 2016, China Southern Power Gris held the First CSG-KPX-TEPCO Summit in Guangzhou, creating a platform for exchanges and cooperation among power enterprises in China, Japan and Korea.


The 2018 mid-November summit was hosted by the TEPCO Power Grid Company with more than 20 senior management representatives participating, including: Mr. Chen Yunpeng, Vice President of CSG; Mr. Hiroshi Okamoto, Vice President of the TEPCO Power Grid Company and Mr. Yoo Sanghee, Chairman and CEO of KPX.


During the summit, Mr. Chen delivered a keynote address, entitled "Creating a Platform for Optimizing Grid Resources Distribution, Promote Clean and Low-Carbon Energy Development'', in which he briefed summit attendees on the latest developments of China Southern Power Grid and its market-leading measures to optimize grid resources distribution and work for clean and low-carbon energy development.


Mr. Chen's briefing offered the following CSG hallmarks:
• Facilitate the West-East Power Transmission Project
• Advance smart grid development
• Breaking new grounds on power market trading mechanisms
• Setting up a clean energy dispatch system;
• Pushing forward innovation-driven grid development


Summit representatives from different countries and regions throughout the international community shared information of their respective companies and exchanged ideas on challenges for power transformation; the development and application of HVCD technologies; demand-side response and the practice of"virtual power plants''.


Besides, they also visited the TEPCO Holding's Museum of Electric Power History and were briefed on the Japan’s power development history.


According to Mr. Chen, the summit "enabled power enterprises from China, Japan and Korea to have a better understanding of each other, which builds a solid foundation for future exchanges and cooperation''.


At the conclusion of the summit, Mr. Chen led the delegation during its exclusive visit to Nexans Futtsu Submarine Cable Factory and met with David Worthington, Chief Business Officer of Italy Prysmian Group and representatives of Norway Nexans.


The CSG delegation was briefed about the preparation for the production and transmission of submarine cables of Hainan Interconnection Project II.



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