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State Grid Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network 2.0 Launched
Marks the Establishment of State Grid Photovoltaic Institute



On April 26, the New Energy Partnership Conference was held in Beijing. At the conference, State Grid officially launched the Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network 2.0 and announced the establishment of China's first photovoltaic institute. Hong Tianyun, member and deputy director of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development, and Shu Yinbiao, Chairman of State Grid, both attended the conference and delivered speeches. They also jointly unveiled the nameplate of the Photovoltaic Institute. On the same day, Chairman Shu Yinbiao and other guests in attendance also paid a visit to State Grid E-Commerce Company.


Independently developed by State Grid E-Commerce Company, the Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network created a new platform for openness and sharing and founded a new method of poverty alleviation through the "Sunshine Poverty Alleviation" app. The Network is like a one-stop "technology + service + finance" shop for photovoltaic companies and users. The Network has become the largest platform of distributed photovoltaic services in China. Compared to version 1.0, version 2.0 has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of both technology and function.


Hong Tianyun expressed his congratulations with regards to the launch of State Grid’s Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network 2.0 and the establishment of the Photovoltaic Institute on behalf of the State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development. He said that the Central Party Committee and the State Council attach great importance to photovoltaic poverty alleviation, which is an innovative move in promoting industry-based targeted poverty alleviation. Practice has proved that the national photovoltaic poverty alleviation information management system based on the Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network is able to carry out comprehensive management of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, covering the application of plans, project construction, operation and maintenance, allowance allocation and profit distribution, and online real-time monitoring of photovoltaic power plants. This safeguards the accuracy and effectiveness of photovoltaic poverty alleviation and provides effective means and important thresholds for promoting photovoltaic poverty alleviation. Hong Tianyun believes that by upholding the tenet of “developing a power grid by the people and for the people” and comprehensively promoting poverty-alleviation efforts, State Grid will make greater contributions to the fight against poverty.


Chairman Shu Yinbiao introduced the efforts and achievements of State Grid in using the Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network to serve the development of distributed photovoltaic generation and poverty alleviation. Chairman Shu Yinbiao said that State Grid has been committed to carrying out President Xi Jinping's energy strategy and targeted poverty alleviation initiative with the major focus of developing distributed photovoltaic generation and fighting against poverty. On the one hand, State Grid has made concrete efforts to promote the grid connection of photovoltaic power stations and targeted poverty alleviation. On the other hand, State Grid has made full use of the Internet to launch the Distributed Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network 1.0, which established a comprehensive service platform covering the whole industrial chain of distributed photovoltaic generation. In the past year, the platform has experienced rapid development with widespread recognition, significantly promoting the massive development of distributed photovoltaic generation and photovoltaic poverty alleviation and fostering an industrial biosphere featuring openness and sharing. The launch of the Photovoltaic Generation Cloud Network 2.0 and the establishment of the Photovoltaic Institute mark the new beginning of State Grid's efforts to support the development of the photovoltaic industry and photovoltaic poverty alleviation. State Grid will make greater efforts to facilitate the development of new energy and the fight against poverty based on the development of the power grid.


The nameplate of the first photovoltaic institute in China was unveiled during the conference. The Photovoltaic Institute will integrate online and offline channels to carry out training on the planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants and related skill assessment and certification to improve knowledge popularization, promotion, and application.


After the conference, Chairman Shu Yinbiao and other guests in attendance visited State Grid E-Commerce Company. Chairman Shu Yinbiao recognized and praised the progress made by State Grid E-Commerce Company in platform construction, business expansion, reform and innovation and party building through ceaseless efforts and hard work since its establishment in early 2016. Chairman Shu Yinbiao pointed out that the Party Committee attaches great importance to the development of the e-commerce business and regards it as a key strategic industry in fostering a modern service system, promoting the transformation and upgrade of power grids, and realizing high-quality corporate development. In the future, State Grid E-Commerce Company has to fully understand the strategic significance of developing e-commerce to accelerate the establishment of State Grid Xiong'an Fintech Group, promote the development of e-commerce business, explore the construction of a system that meets the needs of a market-oriented economy, and strengthen party and leadership building.


Leaders of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the National Energy Administration, people in charge of related areas from China Electricity Council and China Photovoltaic Industry Association, experts and scholars in photovoltaic power and energy, representatives of partners, Zhang Liying (Assistant to the President of State Grid), Yin Zhengmin (Deputy Chief Engineer), representatives form State Grid headquarters and its affiliated companies were also in attendance.


Source: State Grid

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