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POWERCHINA assists the Rio 2016 Olympics


On Aug 6 at 7:00am Beijing time, the 31st summer Olympic Games kicked off in Rio de Janeiro, southeast of Brazil. This is the first Olympic Games in history to be held in South America. As one of the world's top 500 enterprises and a global leader in the power industry, POWERCHINA will most definitely be involved in the Rio Olympics. During the Games, the First Shandong Electric Power Construction Company (SEPCOI), an affiliated company of POWERCHINA which is undertaking the Brazil Mato Grosso 500kV Transmission Project, will proudly ensure power supply and contribute Chinese wisdom and strength to this Olympic Games.

Brazil Mato Grosso 500kV Transformer Engineering Project is a hydro-electric power transmission project in the Teles Pires River basin. The 500kV AC transmission line has the largest transmission capacity and longest transmission distance ever to be constructed in Brazil. With a total investment of 9,719 million yuan, the project is the first large-scale greenfield power transmission franchise project in which China has invested overseas, and is also the largest transmission project contracted and built overseas.

The Mato Grosso Project is not only currently one of the biggest projects between China and Brazil, but more importantly, the project signifies the breaking of the monopoly held by Spanish and Portuguese enterprises by Chinese grid enterprises, who have now successfully entered into a Brazilian power transmission and transformation project for the first time. It is also the first time that a Chinese power construction enterprise has disrupted the monopoly of Spanish and Japanese enterprises on the power transmission and transformation engineering construction market and the first time for such an enterprise has successfully entered the Brazilian market as a contractor of a power transmission and transformation construction project.

Quality determines trust. SEPCOI considers this project an important breakthrough in cracking open the Brazilian and South American power transmission market. The project utilizes materials and equipment produced in China with Chinese intellectual property rights, including substation protection and telecommunication equipment, insulators and fittings, as well as China-made construction machinery equipment, thereby boosting Chinese exports of power equipment and engineering machinery and significantly contributing to the promotion of trade between China and Brazil.

The project has passed the Acceptance and Operation Examination, Power Engineering Application of New Technology Model Project acceptance test, Power Engineering Green Construction Model Project acceptance test with a 100 percent pass rate. It was incident-free in safety and quality, and was evaluated as an excellent project of high quality following inspections. Since its completion and commencement of operation, the project has demonstrated safe and reliable performance, accumulating 310 days of safe operation and sent a steady flow of clean water and electricity to Southeast Brazil, creating huge economic benefits.

The project uses same-pylon double-circuit transmission lines, effectively saving 1,993.6-hectares of line corridors. The transmission lines going in and out as well as the generating reactor utilize a 3+1 configuration, boosting load efficiency of the substation power output, achieving the users' requirements as well as reducing environmental impact and provided uninterrupted power supply.

The Mato Grosso Project's operation displays wide-range long-distance green energy transmission and plays an important role in advancing the economic development of north Brazil whilst alleviating power shortages in the main economic regions in the southeast, and will play a huge part in the Olympics Games. In addition, the project also offers jobs for at least 200 Chinese and 5,000 Brazil employees, effectively stimulating local employment and improving the income and well-being of local residents.


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