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CSG's First Shore Power Supply Project Put into Operation


CSG has been actively employing electrification to promote energy consumption revolution. On July 3, the company's first shore power supply project was put into operation in Zhongshan, Guangdong, which means that Zhongshan Port will be powered by "electricity instead of diesel". Vessels docked there will shut down auxiliary generators on board and use the power from the port to support their main systems. The project is expected to increase 2.36GWh of power supply and reduce 474 tons of carbon dioxide emission annually.

Shore power supply reconstruction is a priority of promoting electrification, and replacing diesel by electricity is an important aspect in promoting electrification in transportation. The shore power supply reconstruction project for Zhongshan Port is invested by Guangdong Power Grid Company. For Guangdong, one of China's important port provinces, it is particularly important to reconstruct shore power supply to establish green and low-carbon ports. Relevant data show that Guangdong Province has nearly 3,000 production berths. In accordance with China's national environmental protection standards, the number of estimated shore power supply reconstruction will show an annual growth rate of about 10%. As calculated on the basis of the economic efficiency of shore power supply, the shore power supply reconstruction will drive an increase of 5.835 TWh power supply in Guangdong, and prevent the discharging of 1.172 million tons of carbon dioxide every year.


In terms of shore power supply construction, Guangdong Power Grid Company plans to take Zhongshan Port as a demonstration site to gain experience and then comprehensively promote such projects in other areas. Later, the company will, with the emissions control area of the Pearl River Delta region as the focus, build high-voltage port power service facilities in major ports and home ports, low-voltage port power service facilities in large and medium-sized regional ports and supply ports of inland river regions, and small-capacity port power service facilities in small river ports, service areas and canalized anchorages of inland rivers, so as to construct a shore power supply system with reasonable layout, clear demand and excellent function.

Source: CSG

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