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Regional Smart Grid Demonstration Project Passes Acceptance Inspection


On June 21, CSG commended Hainan Power Grid Company and CSG Electric Power Research Institute. This May, the Regional Smart Grid Demonstration Project, a National Sci-Tech Support Plan presided by Hainan Power Grid Company and assisted by CSG Electric Power Research Institute, successfully passed the technical acceptance inspection, and received compliments from the expert panel. It exhibits the creativity of CSG, marking the completion of this 3-year research and demonstration project.


The Regional Smart Grid Demonstration Project is a national sci-tech support project in the field of smart grids during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. The Project, featuring wide coverage, large work load, and integrated innovations, manifests China's explorations and practices in national energy reform and the development of strategic emerging industries. In the past three and half years, CSG mobilized R&D resources inside and outside the company to overcome technological barriers, and to apply scientific achievements in the demonstration area. As a result, it improves the use of clean energy in Hainan, the development of electric vehicles, the O&M management of smart grids, and spurs the building of a smart, effective, reliable and green power grid in Hainan.

The Project enabled Hainan Power Grid Company to operate safely and stably even when the penetration rate of renewable energy sources is more than 10%. In 2015, while installed capacity of renewable energy remained unchanged and power consumption only increased by 5.8%, generating capacity of renewable energy saw a year-on-year growth of 27.4%. This project explored and applied an array of products, including the operation and management system of EV charging/battery-swap infrastructure, vehicle terminals, smart charging posts, etc. Accordingly, a service network for vehicle charging/battery-swap centered in Haikou was established, which helps the effective management of 190 electric taxies, 215 electric buses, Longhua charging/battery-swap station, and EV charging facilities on the island. Technical problems concerning charging order, friendly interaction, charging instruction and custom service have been solved.


Moreover, Regional Smart Grid Demonstration Project can integrate smart grid technology, and help upgrade facilities for power dispatching of Hainan grid, infrastructure management, disaster early-warning and customer service.

Source: SCG

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