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Proposal of cooperation alliance for resumption of work


In order to guide and help enterprises and other member units to scientifically and accurately prevent COVID-19 and return to work orderly, with the support and promotion of SASAC, 16 industry associations including CEC, voluntarily established a cooperative alliance serving enterprises to return to work, and put forward proposals to the society and the industry.


1. Conscientiously implement the government's deployment, put scientific and accurate COVID-19 prevention and orderly resumption of production at the top of all work.


2. Adhere to principle of taking industry as the root and service as the foundation and give full play to the role of assistant and bridge of industry associations.


3. Adhere to the cooperation spirit of resource integration and complementary advantages, and build a pragmatic and effective service platform. It is necessary to make full use of professional resources, focus on the reality of the industry affected by the COVID-19, and conduct joint research to provide professional guidance and solutions for the development of industries. It is necessary to build a working platform for information exchange, cooperation and interaction, joint advice and public release among industries, carry out in-depth enterprise research and production demand docking, strengthen industrial collaboration, and coordinate and solve common problems reflected by enterprises.


4. It is necessary to give full play to the organizational role of industry associations, strengthen industry self-discipline, reflect industry demands, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, and strengthen corporate social responsibility.


5. Adhere to the promotion of industry spirit, craftsmanship spirit and entrepreneurial spirit, inspire the leading enterprises of the industry and the entrepreneurial initiative and creativity, and advocate  professional ideals of serving the country through real economy and to endeavor to realize  national rejuvenation through hard working.


Other national industry associations also joint the initiative, such as China Federation of Industry Economics and logistics procurement, coal, machinery, steel, petrochemical, light industry, textile, building materials, non-ferrous metals.

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