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Wang Zhixuan attended the COP25 summit and its related activities


On December 9-13, CEC delegation attended the COP25 summit and its related activities of the UN Climate Conference. Mr. Liu Zhenya, president of Global Energy Interconnection Development and Cooperation Organization (GEIDCO) and CEC, and Mr. Wang Zhixuan, vice president of CEC, attended the conference on the release of important achievements such as the Global Energy Interconnection Addressing Climate Change organized by GEIDCO. Mr. Liu Zhenya also made a speech on the conference. The important releases at this conference has contributed China's wisdom and strength to the coordinated development of energy and economy, climate and environment.


At the seminar on the communications of experience in the system construction of carbon emissions trading systems, experts from CEC, IEA, Tsinghua University, Asian Development Bank, and BP discussed the construction and development of China's carbon market. Wang Zhixuan introduced the main framework of the construction on national carbon market of China and pointed out that the understanding of construction of carbon market should be further unified and that related work should be improved. He expressed several viewpoints on the undergoing Chinese carbon market: First, to speed up the construction of the carbon market and improve the market mechanism; Second, to move forward steadily in accordance with national conditions and the situation of the power industry; Third, to integrate relevant  mechanisms of carbon emission reduction; Fourth, to establish the adjustment mechanism of the government to the market and maintain the stability and vitality of the market; Fifth, to expand the coverage of the carbon market step by step, and explore the potential of low-cost carbon reduction. At the same time, he believed that the next step was to speed up the improvement of laws and regulations, incorporate national carbon market construction into the "14th Five-Year Plan" overall scheme, and coordinate with the carbon reduction system in the plan.

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