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Supporting Efficient SOE Participation in the Low-Carbon Energy Transition: Workshop Held in Beijing


The workshop with the topic of “Supporting Efficient State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Participation in the Low-Carbon Energy Transition” co-organized by CEC and International Energy Agency (IEA) was held on March 30, 2016 in Beijing. More than thirty delegates from IEA, National Energy Administration, Climate Policy Institution, EDF and planning, energy saving and environmental protection departments from large power enterprises in China took part in the workshop.



Vice President Wang Zhixuan of CEC hosted the workshop and gave the welcome address. He mentioned the multiple opportunities and challenges brought about by new trends of new economic normals, power restructure, climate change, and that challenges faced with SOEs are particularly formidable. How to take advantage of the new policies and market opportunities to maintain healthy and sustainable development and to realize the low-carbon transition becomes an urgent issue. Head of Energy Environment Division of IEA Philippe Benoit gave an introduction to the background of global economic transition and the role of SOEs in it based on their preliminary research. The delegates had in-depth discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing SOEs under China’s low-carbon energy transition and the tools and instruments to motivate SOE action towards the transition. It was agreed upon that SOE low-carbon transition was vital to the future of electric power and energy sector in China and a focal point for all SOEs in the world and that the workshop is of great value. It is hoped that international institutions as IEA can share their experience and practice in energy transition with China power enterprises.



After the workshop, the delegates went on a tour of the concurrent Clean Energy Expo China 2016 and communicated with exhibitors about planning, clean energy technologies and investment.

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